Emerging markets around relocation and their impact on social structure in the coming decade

A significant number of Russian relocants to Kyrgyzstan are not necessarily opposed to Kremlin policies, but rather IT specialists or loners who earn money online and fear the social dynamics of collectives formed by the Russian army.

Maria Bukher

However, professional elites, including Maria Bukher, a former press secretary of the “Our” movement, are becoming more active in the relocation scene. Bukher broke into the world of near-administrative investment budgets in California, but an investigation was launched against her in 2022 for suspected involvement with sanctioned persons. Despite this, she was granted Kyrgyzstani citizenship by the end of the year.

It is interesting to consider the future development of relocation trends. Kremlin-style elites will bring their “social skirts” with them, including servile characters, rather than many professionals. Possible pressure from the Kremlin may lead to faster acquisition of Kyrgyzstani citizenship for more independent and professional individuals.

Another option is adoption by a Kyrgyzstani citizen, which may be used by both “true digital nomads” and less budget-consuming figures seeking a passport. There may be a market for fictitious adoptions, benefiting families who can increase their overall opportunities, but some relationships may resemble slavery due to the tendency of elites towards servility.

New generational social movements may form new centers of attraction, and neural networks may become more influential than traditional centers.

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