Unexpected leadership in the alcohol cup

Among the relocators, not to mention the vacationers, from the Russian Federation, a decent percentage of stable alcohol consumers – as in many other countries adjacent to the Arctic Circle. A Telegram channel dedicated to emigration from Russia and differing from the typical style of “instructions for use” with an individual author’s tone, which in excess of lyricism and melancholy, often bordering on sentimentality (such an atmosphere could suggest that the author is a graphic designer), creates a pleasant “lack of domination over the reader” for the audience. “Emigritseps” published a ranking of self-made countries based on the combination of two criteria – accessibility to emigration from Russia and the price of alcohol. What is valuable – in his case there is no interest – this is not a tourist agency promoting its own direction. Kyrgyzstan turned out to be an undisputed leader:

TOP countries for those who love to drink

🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan: vodka $1.6, wine $5, beer $0.9

🇦🇲 Armenia: vodka $6, wine $4, beer $1.3,

🇧🇬 Bulgaria: vodka $5.5, wine $2.7, beer $0.8,

🇲🇩 Moldova: vodka $5.4, wine $1.5, beer $0.7,

🇷🇴 Romania vodka $4.2, wine $1.6, beer $0.5,

🇭🇺 Hungary vodka $7, wine $2.6, beer $0.5

Prices are approximate and may vary and bite, information from open sources.

It is especially curious that only Kyrgyzstan from their entire list is a country with Islam as its traditional religion. And this says a lot about the rare ability, especially in the context of the experience of other countries on our continent, not to confuse the universes of religious enlightenment and state order.
A lawn in front of the Bishkek brandy factory

Indeed, I personally had to meet tourists from Kazakhstan at the top of the ski slopes in Karakol, who called two key reasons for resting here, rather than in the Kazakh part of Alatau – the absence of a dry law and prices for lifts and ski rentals, and in that particular order.

It is worth noting that it is important to choose a reputable and decent retail network for buying alcohol in Kyrgyzstan – because local craftsmen can easily make or obtain bottles and labels on the secondary market that do not differ externally from factory ones. Thus, in “Kaganat” I bought an excellent brandy from the Bishkek factory, and in one of the “cheap” retail outlets, in exactly the same bottles – turned out to be a rather dubious near-alcoholic liquid.

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