A branch of Moscow State University (MSU) with IT-related disciplines will open in Karakol

On May 24, during a session of the Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament), the Minister of Education and Science, Kanibek Imanaliev, shared this news, stating that the country will now have graduates from universities with new promising specialties related to the IT field.

Our first-grader, by the time they finish 11th grade, many current professions will already disappear, and new ones will emerge.

Kanibek Imanaliev

Emil Toktoshev, a deputy from “Butun Kyrgyzstan,” requested the provision of budgetary spots at this new university in Karakol.

The “applied” approach to education, which is declared by the new university, is not the strongest aspect of Russian education in general. In previous eras and during the initial stages of development, Russian education was built “according to German standards” and was to a significant extent detached from the real challenges facing the economy. However, this characteristic is compensated by encouraging students to establish contacts not only within the academic environment but also with the top business community, as was implemented in Californian society. On the other hand, MSU has a significant advantage over provincial universities, as it is not affected by the typical “averaging” that occurs in institutions governed by bureaucratic environments, both in the student body and the faculty. By properly combining the strengths and weaknesses, it is possible to achieve a high level of education in Karakol, which in this case has every chance of increasing its influence against the backdrop of completely new highly intellectual migration processes, such as the migration of digital nomads. This can be attributed to a combination of diverse resort areas, a rich history, a unique agglomeration, unusual political freedoms for Asia, the positive mentality of the people, and a favorable transportation location (advantageous flight times) compared to other “nests of digital nomads” on the Asian continent.

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