The it4biz business and IT forum in Karakol received positive reviews from participants

On March 10th, the hotel “Karagat” in Karakol hosted an IT forum, the format of which aims to bring together the interests of the business and IT industry. Participants came not only from Karakol, but also from Balykchy and even the high mountainous region of Naryn.

Vladimir Pitinin, Agency Young: “Very good organization overall, for Karakol. I spoke at the forum as a speaker.”

Ololo company, the event organizers: “We promised that the forum in Karakol would be cool – we kept our promise 🔥 Thanks to the residents of Karakol for the warm welcome and active audience.”

Daniyar Amanaliev: “This year, the Swiss company Helvetas-Kyrgyzstan is a partner of EBRD. They are implementing a project on sustainable winter tourism development in Kyrgyzstan since 2020 and their expertise plays a big role. This is a close topic for us, as ololo manages two guesthouses on Issyk-Kul, one of them is the art-hotel ololoFamily, which has been operating year-round for the second year, and the second is the coworking resort ololoAkJol, which is getting ready to open for the season. This year, Ainura took over management and who knows, maybe next year ololoAkJol will welcome its first winter guests.”

Meanwhile in Kazan

Yesterday, the Russian Venture Forum started.

Mikhail Denisov, founder of Alloka:

“The plenary session started with statistics on a 90% drop due to ‘geopolitics’ and ended with a collegial intention to address ‘higher’ authorities with requests for support and action.

In terms of the level of passions and fire among participants (there were none), I think this is the last Russian Venture Forum. From now on, it will be under some other name.

If ChatGPT were asked to summarize yesterday’s venture forum in Kazan, he would say in the words of Alexei Basov: ‘Our entire venture market has ceased to be a venture market and has moved into the realm of private equity’.”

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