The “king of beasts” return to foundling

While the north of the continent is entering the season of stray kittens, two lion cubs have been found abandoned in Karakol, the center of the Issyk-Kul agglomeration. This was reported in a video report by “Mir-24” news outlet.

Note: Karakol Zoo

The only zoo in the country differs from zoos in major cities around the world, which mainly feature exotic animals kept in urban environments. The Karakol Zoo serves to introduce children (and now numerous tourists) to the local fauna. The “ease” of creating a relatively small zoo in the city center is due to two factors: the abundance of wildlife on the slopes and valleys surrounding the Issyk-Kul basin from all sides of the Tian Shan Mountains, and the livestock-oriented nature of local agriculture, in which a significant portion of the suburban population of Karakol is involved.

The name of the Karakol Zoo – “Bugy” – is the name of one of the tribes of ancient Kyrgyz people, more commonly known today as the name of one of the clans. The name comes from the totem animal – mother deer. Nevertheless, the zoo has experienced problems with funding.

The huge weekend livestock market in Karakol is a tourist attraction and confirmation of the significant weight of animal husbandry in the economy.

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