Ghosts of chebachoks, made by artists, flew along the canals of Erkindik Boulevard

The creative groups DOXA, Kolfest and OYUM introduced the residents and guests of the capital to the image of one of the unique species of fish of Issyk-Kul – Chebachok.

Chebachok is currently under pressure from introduced fish species such as Sevan trout and zander for commercial purposes. The problem is so serious that the endemic chebachok has completely disappeared from the entire eastern half of the lake. Another endemic species, the naked osman, had already ceased to be caught a couple of years earlier.

The country’s environmental authorities and international funds are taking measures to preserve unique fish species.

For the external, not the internal market

A month earlier, Kyrgyzstan signed agreements for the supply not only of beef but also of trout to Hungary and Austria. This initiative is noticeably aimed at reducing the risks of restrictions or cancellation of supplies, used by the Russian Federation as a measure of political pressure.

In modern Kyrgyz cuisine, a large number of dishes made from meat, typical for the nomads of Central Asia, take up a significant portion. However, there are not many fish dishes, and those that exist resemble either copies of Chinese or trivial globalist cuisines.

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