What is RDNS?

RDNS is an abbreviation formed from the domain name of the website relocation.digitalnomadstan.online. It is a private initiative of a tourist guide from Nizhny Novgorod and historian, Petr Kuznetsov. The website was launched to share comprehensive information, useful contacts, and findings that will help with successful relocation to Kyrgyzstan.

Petr Kuznetsov shares, “What did I know in advance about the country that is closer to the capital of India than to my hometown? An amazing large lake south of the deserts of Central Asia, Chingiz Aitmatov, the only capital of these parts renamed during Soviet times, the Chui Valley, and the most impressive epic about Manas against the traditions of all surrounding peoples.”

After personally visiting and verifying everything described on the website, it was discovered that Kyrgyzstan is an optimal country for relocation. Digitalnomadstan is not just a guide, but also a dream about the huge potential of Kyrgyzstan in a new era that is emerging before our eyes.

If you have any questions or wishes for project development or need personal recommendations, from personal discounts at hostels, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and cafes to creating an author’s “personal detailed relocation plan close to ideal” adapted to your social status, interests, and profession, do not hesitate to contact me: